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Share any file between your phone and PC

Xender is an easy and convenient way to transfer files from your phone to another device or computer, wirelessly and quickly.

Share what you want

Xender is an app designed for you to share documents, pictures, music and videos between smartphones, tablets, and computers. It is an ideal way to have everything to hand without the need for lots of wires.

Xender files can be shared between four devices simultaneously. This makes it an ideal way to distribute things between small groups like, for example, family and friends.

How does this work? Bluetooth?

Many file transfer apps force you to connect via Bluetooth. Xander is much simpler, creating a specific wireless connection for direct transferring. This allows you to exchange data at high speeds without the need to mess around with Bluetooth settings or waste your data allowance. It may sound like magic, but it's not, it's just a smart use of the technology.

Another positive point of Xender it is that you can transfer files in any format with no size limit, ideal for sharing long videos or entire disks.

Xender works on any platform, and while iOS and Android need you to install the app, Windows and Mac users just have to use the website.

Quick and effective

Xender is a great way to transfer files of any size between gadgets. Not only that, it’s also simple and it does not consume your data allowance.


  • Quickly and safely transfer
  • Easy to use
  • No size or format restrictions
  • It does not consume your data


  • Sometimes the app is restarts


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Xender 4.9.3 for iPhone


User reviews about Xender

  • Kirubel Silesh

    by Kirubel Silesh

    because itis important to share and transfer application and other information

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Great App! easy to use!.
    It's a great App to share and manage files, easy to use between multiple devices and operating systems.<More

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